Ross Hill Silica Co. #2

This image, although faded, gives another view of the T boiler with the square firebox.  The barrel, and sides and top of the firebox are jacketed, but the front of the firebox is not, and shows a radial pattern of rivets.  The square firebox gave more grate area and heating surface than the round firebox, not to mention increased steam and water capacity.  There is a linkage visible between the firebox and the sand dome.  This is a lever pivoting off a stand attached to the front of the firebox that is for actuating the front sand dome.  A rod travels back just under the roof to the power unit to where the engineer would be running the engine.  Most Class A's had the engineer on the left hand side of the power unit, where on other locomotives, the engineer was on the right hand side of the cab.  This locomotive was a 36" gauge, 14 ton engine built in 1914 for the Ross Hill Silica Co. in PA.