Dennis Bros. Salt & Lumber Co. #1

This 18 ton Class A was built in 1904, and the lighting of the image highlights details of the engine.  This image gives a good view of the siphon on the side of the water cistern.  Note how thin the wheel tread is.  This is not on account of wearing the tread out, but is one of the lighter weight "tramway" wheels.  This image gives a good view of the T boiler with the round firebox.  Note the edge of the firebox door you can see above the wood side skirting.  The door on a round firebox was not centered behind the boiler, but was offset to the right side for easier firing away from the front of the power unit.  Also note the bell, which did not seem to be common on many of the Class A engines.  Note that the front number plate is actually the builders plate.