Climax #898 G. A. Gammons & Co.   

This is one of those perfect shots where the lighting brings out so much detail.  This attractive locomotive was a 23 ton engine built in 1908 for the G. A. Gammons & Co. of Oakune, New Zealand.  This locomotive was built for 42" gauge track.  Note the vertical pipe on the side of the water tank.  This is a siphon for sucking water up out of rivers to fill the water tank.  Note that this locomotive does not have the straight horizontal boiler of the T boilers, but has a conical section just before the cab.  The steam dome is still in the cab, but the throttle is not in front of the cab like the earlier locos, nor are the steam pipes to the cylinders visible.  Note this locomotive has wooden truck bolsters, but has steel brake beams, which seems to be an odd combination.  Usually they seem to be both one or the other.