Climax #1067 Seattle Car & Foundry #101

This attractive Class A is shop number 1067, built in 1911 for Seattle Car and Foundry of Renton, Wa.  This is the builders photo of what is thought to have been the first Class A with a steel locomotive frame, although wood frames were still available and built into the 20's.  This engine is a 20 ton locomotive.  This photo gives a pretty good view of the T boiler with the rectangular firebox with the steam dome on top.  The steam supply to the power unit is tucked up against the cab roof and is not discernable in this image.  The Class A locos had a two speed gear set up just in front of the power unit, allowing a choice of speeds to match operation conditions.  The silhouettes of these gears are visible just above the track against the snow in the background.  Note the whistle above the cab roof, the pipe in front of it is the safety valve (yes, just one!).