Anderson & Middleton Lumber Co. #2

This locomotive has several subtle upgrades in design over the low construction numbered locomotives. The piston valves and superheat are the most obvious, but there are others, like the one piece cast stack, the redesigned cylinder frame, the lack of a shroud concealing the oil tank, cast valve rods, etc. Note that this is the first engine to have the open cab. Aside from the cab, I suspect most of the changes were due to cost savings. This engine also has a redesigned bottom truck bolster to eliminate the problem of cracking. The original was of a box cross section; the redesigned has a double T cross section that has lasted very well. Note the small “dome” behind the steam dome, and in front of the turbo generator. This is just an open topped shell around the safety valves mounted in the boiler. The later engines had them mounted on the steam dome. Note also the box on the front wall of the cab. This box covered the steam turret, which on earlier locos was inside the cab proper. This loco is also a survivor, and is on display near Dunsmuir, Ca.